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International Day of Families –


 How to deal with stress and strains in your family. 

Do your family sometimes get on your nerves or cause you stress? Does worrying about your family weigh you down sometimes?  We can love our family with all our heart but it doesn’t mean they don’t annoy us or make us upset at times. Arguing is part of life, especially family life. So we need to learn how to cope with family stresses and strains: 


When we are having a hard time with family members it is so important to talk, and share our feelings. No matter how close you are with your family they can’t read your mind and may not understand your point of view. 


While you need to communicate your feelings and thoughts you need to hear them out too. Find out how this is impacting them or what their point of view is. Try putting yourself in their shoes to understand where they are coming from. 

Get some space 

If your family is causing stress and strain for you, then take some time away from them and just mind yourself. We need a break every now and then, even from our loved ones. 


Talk the issue out and see if there is a way that you both can be  happy, or if there is a compromise you can make. 

Share the Load 

Share out family burdens so that it doesn’t all fall to you. And talk out issues you are having within the family to someone you trust outside of the family unit. Talking to a professional may also help you to navigate family conflicts.