turn2me is a charity and relies heavily on volunteers, donors and supporters. There are many ways you can support the work of turn2me. 

Donate to turn2me

You can provide turn2me with a once-off or recurring donation through our website or organise a fundraiser. 100% of all donations go towards helping turn2me provide free professional mental health support online for those who need it.  

Partner with turn2me

For businesses – Choose turn2me as your charity of choice. You can donate your time, your services, or your employees can volunteer or become turn2me ambassadors. Whatever your business area is, get in touch to see how we can work together! 

Volunteer with turn2me

turn2me would not have been possible without the support of our many volunteers over the years. From board members to fundraisers, all have played an important part in making sure there is free professional mental health support available for everyone in Ireland.  turn2me has a number of regular volunteering roles get in touch to find out more but if you have your own ideas about how you would like to get involved and support our work please get in touch

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