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The Importance of being in Nature 

Self Care

How do you feel when you are out in nature? When you are in a forest or at the park? Do you find you breathe easier? That your stress lowers? Well, it might be because being among nature and trees actually impacts your body and emotions. 

Recent research shows that spending time in nature helps lower blood pressure, increases self-esteem, lowers anxiety, reduces stress, reduces feelings of loneliness, and improves mood.  

Spending quiet time among nature while deep breathing is a form of Japanese relaxation called ‘Forest Bathing’ and helps calm de-stress both adults and children in a natural and easy way (plus there is no need for a snorkel!). 

You don’t have to be a wilderness person or spend every day in the woods, it can simply mean going for a walk among the trees alone or with a friend or your family. We could all do with some stress relief! It’s all about connecting with nature and slowing down for a minute when life is so busy all the time. 

So get some free forest therapy and breathe in nature!

Here are some places to try out Forest bathing: 

  • Wicklow Mountains National Park – provides structured forest bathing 
  • Killarney National Park 
  • Connemara National Park 
  • Avondale Forest Park, Wicklow 
  • DerryCarne Wood, Cavan 
  • Gougane Barra Forest Park, Cork 
  • Bonny Glen Wood, Donegal 
  • Gragan’s Wood, Clare 
  • Portumna Forest Park, Galway