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The Importance of Annual Leave

In this day and age, it seems a culture of constant work has taken place. We are focused on getting ahead, progressing in our careers. Sometimes we believe the only way to do well in our career is by working around the clock and never taking a day off. However, time off from work is so important for our productivity, creativity, and mental wellbeing. 

Benefits of Taking Annual Leave

Reduces Stress:

Take time off! This can reduce stress by taking us out of a stressful environment. Annual leave means having time to relax and focus on things we enjoy rather than things that encourage anxieties and stresses. You don’t necessarily need to take a long 2 week break, a long weekend can be extremely beneficial.

Protects against Burnout:

Burnout is caused by extreme exhaustion and stress. This can cause mistakes, poor decision making, emotional distress, and decline in performance at work. Burnout can lead to depression and anxiety. Taking time off, even just a day here and there, is critical for fighting burnout. 

Better Physical Health:

Lacking a healthy work-life balance can result in feeling run down which can then lead to illness such as cold or flu. Feeling unwell is your body’s way of forcing you to take time off and mind yourself. 

Improved Mood:

Taking time for yourself outside of work can really improve your mood and happiness levels. Annual leave means being able to do things we enjoy, getting a break from the work environment, and getting time to spend with family, friends or just being by yourself. 

Improve Relationships:

Working all the time and never having time to spend with family or friends can create issues in your relationships. You need to prioritize time with loved ones as well as your career. Turn2Me has a weekly support group to assist with navigating friendships and relationships

Improved motivation and creativity:

When we have taken time off to rest, relax and do what we enjoy, we are able to access our creativity and motivation. If we are tired or burnt out we can’t work effectively, we need the energy to excel in our careers.  

How to Make the Most of Your Annual Leave 

  • Plan to spend time with loved ones, including friends and family 
  • Go on fun trips and holidays. Knowing we have a holiday booked can increase our happy hormones 
  • Ask colleagues to take care of immediate tasks so you are not thinking or worrying about them 
  • Turn off your work phone and put away any work you have at home, you need to fully detach yourself from your job. Let clients, customers and colleagues know that they won’t be able to reach you during your annual leave
  • Plan a day of relaxation, enjoy a face mask or treat yourself to a spa day
  • Make a list of movies or shows you have been meaning to watch but never have the time to