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“The more money we raise, the more people we can help!”

John Doyle from Killarney, living in Portmarnock, is making waves in the fitness and mental
health community by spearheading a fundraising initiative for Turn2Me, a leading mental
health charity providing free mental health services. Rather than charging for his running
training 1:1 sessions, John is encouraging his clients to contribute to Turn2Me, recognising
the invaluable support they offer to those struggling with mental health challenges. John’s
running company is Telos 3 Running & Coaching, which is @telos3running on Instagram.
John Doyle works as a Data and Measurement Account manager for Google and also has
started as a running coach. Having battled his own mental health difficulties in his youth,
John understands the significance of accessible mental health services. 
Reflecting on his own journey, John shared, “I’ve been through tough times, and I know
firsthand the impact mental health struggles can have. It’s essential to have support systems
in place, and Turn2Me provides a lifeline for so many individuals who might otherwise feel
isolated and alone. My goal has always been to help people improve their well-being, not
just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. By partnering with Turn2Me, I can
extend that mission beyond the gym and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those
facing mental health challenges. The more money we raise, the more people we can help.”
Turn2Me’s tagline is ‘A lifeline online’, and it offers a range of mental health services,
including free counselling sessions, free support groups, and a free ‘Thought Catcher’ online
mood diary, making vital resources accessible to anyone in need, regardless of their
financial situation. Doyle’s decision to support Turn2Me stems from his belief in the power
of community and the importance of giving back.
The response to John’s fundraising initiative has been overwhelmingly positive, with the
organisation expressing its gratitude in John’s support. 
“John’s commitment to supporting Turn2Me is truly inspiring,” Oisín Scollard, co-founder of
Turn2Me, said. “Not only is he helping people reach their fitness goals, but he’s also
empowering Turn2Me to make a difference in the lives of others who are struggling. It’s a
win-win situation.”
By prioritising mental and physical health, and supporting Turn2Me, John believes we can
create a brighter, compassionate future for people living in Ireland. 
To avail of Turn2Me’s services or to donate, go to