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My week of TY work experience with turn2me

For the past week I have been doing my Transition Year work experience at turn2me and it has been great!

My role is to advise on certain topics from the perspective of younger people with the goal of making the turn2me Youth website as intuitive and easy to use as possible.  As well as writing articles on different topics that I care about or problems that concern me. I also edit pre-written articles that other people have written to make them more user-friendly. I am genuinely excited about the website and the charity in general because of the vital services and advice they will provide about everyday worries and anything that stresses people out: whether its how to deal with exam stress or why physical exercise improves your mood. In the future there will be a youth advisory panel where teens will be able to voice their opinions on different matters at meetings in order to shape the future of turn2me

The future of turn2me Youth

One of my favourite things about turn2me Youth is that there will be user-generated content, which means anyone can write an article about something they deem important and others can read this and gain insight. It helps people realise that there are others going through the exact same things they may be going through or people who have already overcome these things and how they achieved this.

The office (not the tv show)

The office is also great, I have a really nice walk to and from work along the River Liffey. The first thing I do when I come in in the morning is get a coffee. There is a barista at the office who makes incredible coffee (It’s free which is a bonus!)  I work hard and it is fulfilling work. I feel like I have the power to help others and this makes me happy.


Another source of entertainment at the office is the dogs! People are allowed to bring their pets into work and I frequently get to see inquisitive little pups exploring the workspace. I think more workplaces should do this as it creates a really chill atmosphere. 

turn2me’s Goal

Today is my last day and I am sad to leave. Although we have gotten a lot done I want to continue to help out at turn2me and watch it progress. I think I will take part in the youth advisory panel because it is vital to get the input from younger people. In my opinion turn2me is doing tremendous work to highlight mental health in Ireland and provide the support to anyone who needs it. My favourite quote of the week is that turn2me aims to be the “Google” of mental health. A place for people to get support or simply understand their feelings!