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International Day of Dance:

How Getting Active Improves Mental Health

Dance is a fun and energetic way to exercise while improving your mental health! Here are all the ways dancing can help your mental wellbeing:

Reduces Anxiety and Depression

When you dance your brain releases lots of happy hormones which make you feel good! Also, dancing gives you something to focus on other than anxious or negative thoughts or feelings.

Improve Self-esteem

Learning a new skill can make us feel quite proud of ourselves, so learning to dance is a skill that may help your self-esteem. Dance it out and feel good about yourself!

Interact with others

Dance classes are a wonderful way to meet new people or spend time with friends! Doing fun activities with your friends helps maintain a positive mindset. Research even shows that dancing with a stranger helps create a connection between you.

Improves your memory

Dancing is a skill to learn and practice. When we learn new skills we are exercising not only our bodies but our memories too! Learning a new dance may actually improve your memory!