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Turn2Me weekly Guided Meditation – Week 1

Focusing on your breath is just what the doctor ordered!

Mindful meditation brings the focus to the present moment, breath by breath. It allows you to notice what happens within your body, moment to moment. It teaches your muscles to be present and awake.

Meditation is becoming more and more recognised within western medicine in recent years. Research is showing that alongside making one feel better and less stressed. There are physical benefits which are now backed up by clinical evidence. It is showing that meditation can assist with sleep, assist with managing symptoms associated with depression and anxiety, in some cases reduce some of the psychological difficulties associated with chronic pain. It can also improve cognitive and behavioral functions.

Meditation does require patience and regular practice. To assist all of our users with their practice we shall be releasing a weekly guided meditation. We shall beginning with short mediations for beginners, and slowly build upon the practice.

Turn2Me invites you all to join us on this meditative journey. While meditation with have different outcomes for each practitioner, there is no downside to it. Consequently there is no harm in trying it, so allow yourself 5 minutes a day to focus on you and be present!