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THE POWERHOUSE – THE MIND (Positive and Negative Thoughts)

A Powerhouse is ‘something’ that possesses great force or energy, and it is a source of influence and inspiration. 

The Mind

The Mind is the faculty of consciousness and thought. It is the part of a person that makes them to be aware of things, to think and to feel. 

The strongest part of a human body is the mind. The mind is the powerhouse of our body. Whatever goes through the mind influences and inspires our actions, relationship with others, our moods and our words. Keeping a positive mindset improves our response to stress, motivation, a peaceful sleep routine and a good relationship with friends and family. A negative mindset on the other hand identifies with depressive and anxious thoughts, it brings on fear, and lack of self-belief.

There are thousands of thoughts that goes through our minds in a day and 70% of them are negative for a mind that is not trained to focus on the positive. A positive mind is greater and better than a negative mind. As individuals, we give power to our thoughts when we identify with it. This means that we must pay attention to our thoughts, and how they make us feel. Our feelings give our thoughts energy. 

Ways To Train the Mind To Be Positive

Thinking positively is simply disempowering negative thoughts and empowering the positive. The mind cannot be quiet, but we can be quiet by not giving power to our thoughts. As humans, we cannot always control the thoughts that comes into or through our mind, but we can control the ones we choose to put energy into. Finding and adopting a new point of view is what positive thinking is about. 

Becoming more aware of our thought patterns is often the first step to changing them. Negative thoughts not only impact our moods but also our health. It is possible to train the mind to think more positively by working on behaviors that help us to have a more optimistic outlook. We need to acknowledge our negative thoughts then consciously replace it with the positive. One of the problems with negative thinking patterns is the constant downward spiral we can end up in when one negative thought leads to another then another. 

Some ways to think positively:

– Always feed your mind with positive thoughts by focusing on the good things.

– Surround yourself and spend time with positive people 

– Build strong social connections which enhances our feelings of self-worth

– Keep a gratitude journal

– Practice positive self-talk and daily affirmations

– Consciously create a space in your mind for the positive thoughts you want

– Practice meditation and mindfulness (Yoga)

– Let go of things you cannot control

– Use and speak the right (positive) words

– Read books that feed your mind with positivity and brings you joy

– Find an outlet to release negativity (exercise, sports)

Reprogram the mind

Various studies have shown that brief moments of positive thoughts or feelings can be a buffer against stress and depression. If we can train the mind to think positively, we will feel better about ourselves and others. It will change our experience in life, and we will be able to face everyday life in a much better way.

Reprogramming the mind is a challenging task, but we can make it easier by limiting the negative influences around us. What you think, you become. It is important to listen to your desires, learn self-esteem and self-acceptance.  The mind is everything and one thought is all it takes.