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Importance of Setting Realistic Goals 

Every year we make resolutions or goals and more often than not they are unrealistic such as going from exercising very little and setting a goal of running everyday. We have all been there but unrealistic goals are often synonymous with the unreachable. The more unrealistic the less likely it is we are successful in our attempts to reach such goals. 

Keep it Individual

Realistic goals are different from person to person. They are based on individual motivation, ability, past experience, life circumstances, financial situation, skills and desire. Realistic goals cannot be based on other people’s goals or on how we see other people live their lives. They need to be personal, tailored to none other than ourselves. 

Be Specific

Goals need to be specific and focused. If it is a large goal, break it down into smaller, more attainable goals. Create small steps that can be achieved or worked on daily. If you struggle to do this, help is available on Turn2me’s thought catcher or in one of our weekly support groups, discuss what you are struggling with. Advise and support is available here for you.

Here are a couple reasons why we should aim to set realistic goals: 

Realistic Goals Improves Confidence and Mood

Setting goals is so important for our self esteem and confidence in ourselves. Goal setting makes us feel good about ourselves but actually achieving our goals or milestones along the way can give us such a boost in confidence. When we set realistic goals it is easier to attain these milestones. When we are successful or complete a challenge our body releases happy hormones like dopamine which improves our mood. 

Unrealistic goals, due to the lack of dopamine, can make us feel low in ourselves, and create a feeling of frustration and disappointment. 

Realistic Goals Keep You Motivated 

Realistic goals feel more attainable and the closer we get to achieving our goals or milestones the more motivated we are to keep going. When we have our goals in our sights almost in reach, it helps drive us forward. 

Unrealistic goals begin to feel unreachable resulting in motivation dwindling away. A large vague goal can feel too far away, so it may help to break down this goal into bitesize objectives that you can continually work towards.

Realistic Goals Improve Focus 

When you set a realistic goal, it automatically forces you to consider your goal, break it down, and make it specific. This creates a level of focus on our goals and keeps us directed. 

If you feel that even the idea of setting a goal is too much for you. Register with Turn2Me! Seek support within our safe online community “Thought Catcher”. Attend one or more of our weekly support groups on a range of topics. There is also free counselling available to residents of Ireland, 6 FREE consecutive sessions per annum. We have launched our paid service where there is no limit on the amount of sessions you receive and you have the added benefit of our other free services also. We are a lifeline online!