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Why exercise?

Exercise and Eating Well

Staying fit has a knock-on effect on so many aspects of our general health. 

From keeping our hearts and lungs healthy, to improving our mood and energy levels, exercise can have a huge effect on our wellbeing.  But, with the pressures of school, college, work or daily life, it’s easy to put it on the back-burner.Understanding the benefits to both our mental and physical health can really help motivate us to get started. If you have medical difficulties or feel pain when you exercise, talk to your local doctor before starting a work-out routine.

Mood and exercise

Exercise allows you to battle so many different things. It allows you to release unnecessary stress to getting a better night’s sleep, getting active can do that for you.Nothing beats getting some fresh air and improving your strength, energy level, and overall confidence along the way. It will do wonders for you and your Self-esteem as well.

What are the other benefits?

  • Improves your strength, fitness, and confidence
  • Raises energy levels
  • Increases your flexibility and mobility
  • Helps you manage stress 
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Improves metabolic rate which helps prevent weight gain
  • Helps manage anger 
  • It releases endorphins (feel good chemicals in the brain)

If you are thinking about starting to exercise or just want to stay motivated, check out our articles on How to start an exercise plan and How to motivate yourself to start exercising for more.