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What is friendship?

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Friends are an important part of most people’s lives. Research has recently shown that having friends increases our chances of being happy.A good friend might be someone who provides support when times are tough, or someone you can rely on to celebrate a special moment with you. 

How much contact you have

You might see them everyday, once a year, or less. Keep in touch by phone, email, or online.Friends might come and go, they might make you laugh and cry, but most importantly of all, they love you for who you are.It doesn’t matter what a person looks like or what kind of clothes they wear.It’s what’s on the inside that counts and your friends should know that about you.

What’s a good friend?

  •  A good friend is someone who:
  • you can trust and won’t judge you
  • won’t deliberately hurt your feelings, but will show kindness and respect
  • will love you not because they feel they have to, but because they choose to
  • you can depend on, who is loyal and whose company you enjoy
  • will be there no matter what your situation is
  • is trustworthy and not afraid to tell you the truth
  • can laugh when you laugh
  • will cry when you cry
  • makes you smile
  • lends you an ear when you need to whine or complain
  • will give you room to change

Being there

Friendships are among the most important relationships you’ll have in your life. It can be difficult knowing how to help a friend in need, even frustrating, but sometimes the best thing to do is just be there for them, be a friend.

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