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Welcome (back) to turn2me

With the exciting launch of turn2me new website we are going to tell you about the online mental health support services we have available.

Turn2me are an Irish based mental health charity. We provide professional online mental health support for adults and young people over twelve.

We provide three different services which you can engage with. These are our Thought Catcher, which is a moderated peer to peer platform. This is a space where you can share your thoughts and feelings with your peers, and you can also respond to other people’s posts to show your support.

We have our Mood board and you can click on the mood you’re feeling today right in your thoughts. And as before, you could choose to post privately or publicly.

Our live instant chat support groups are facilitated by a trained counsellor.

These groups are topics-based and topics includes support, family issues and feeling down, among others, and you can feel free to select the group that interest you and just click the Register button to register your interest.

We also offer free counseling sessions for whatever you’re going through.

These are safe spaces, and all our counselors are fully qualified. We provide sessions by video, voice or chat, and you can select here which one interests you to register.

Please note at the moment, our young people counseling or our couples counseling is unavailable, but hopefully we will have that back very soon.

Thank you.