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Valentine’s Day Support Group!

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Turn2Me, a national online mental health charity, will be running a Valentine’s Day Support Group at 8pm on the 14th February. The charity said that many people find the day quite depressing – some find it depressing if they’re looking for a partner and feeling lonely, and others find it depressing if they’re in a bad relationship.

The charity said that during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, it sees a peak in the amount of people talking about relationship issues they’re having, people who are experiencing heartbreak and people who are feeling lonely. They also receive a high number of people who are finding it difficult to get over an ex-partner, and these feelings are exacerbated in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Turn2Me has emphasised that people shouldn’t feel bad for feeling sad. In a statement, the charity said that Valentine’s Day may feel like a couples holiday but it’s important to remember that loving yourself is vital too – ‘Whether you’re newly single, long term single or coping with grief, this time of year can be very difficult for so many. Why not take this time to lavish some love on yourself, let Valentine’s Day be a day to treat yourself.  Here are some self-care tips to help:

·       Celebrate yourself this Valentine’s Day.

·       Take a break from social media.

·       Don’t define yourself by your relationship status.

·       Treat yourself to something nice.

·       Make other plans – lunch with friends or family, visit a museum or a gallery, or go to see a movie in the cinema.

·       Write a list of things you’re grateful for.

·       Join our support group on Monday at 8pm if you’re feeling down.’

“The support group isn’t just for people in a romantic relationship,” Fiona O’Malley, CEO of Turn2Me, said, “It’s also for those who are experiencing hurt from other relationships, including friends and family. While Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love for many happy couples, for others, it can emphasise the gaps in their relationships. People can be very disappointed in their romantic relationships and a day like Valentine’s Day can bring these cracks and frustrations to the surface.

“People are far more aware of manipulation tactics used in relationships today than they would have been a few decades ago, including gaslighting, the silent treatment, breadcrumbing, love-bombing and triangulation,” Ms. O’Malley said, “Gaslighting is when someone denies something they have done, lies about events that happened, and dismisses another person’s environment or feelings. Over time, this can cause someone to question their own reality and feel increasingly insecure. Breadcrumbing is when someone gives minimal romantic or flirtatious signals, without putting in any real effort or commitment. It can leave the other person in an emotional limbo.

“Love-bombing is when someone gives you intense, over-the-top attention and compliments in a short period of time to create romantic, emotional interest and dependency. Triangulation is when someone brings another person into the mix to justify an opinion or make their partner feel insecure.

“Manipulation tactics in relationships are just some of the many things our users report on the Turn2Me platform. No matter what your relationship issues are, or who they’re with, the best way to tackle them is to talk about them. Turn2Me offers high-quality, safe, anonymous, free and confidential space for you to gain support for your mental health online. We encourage anyone who is experiencing difficulties or who just wants someone to talk to, in a safe space, to sign up to Turn2Me’s services – it’s free, safe and anonymous!”

Use the following link for more information and to sign up for the Valentine’s Day Support Group.