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Tips on how to deal with parent separation

Family Young People

Parents separating can bring on range of emotions. From anger and worry to loneliness or even relief. There is no right or wrong way to feel. 

Talk to your parents

If you’re having a hard time dealing with tension at home, or even want to just tell them how you feel, talking to your parents can help.They may be caught up in their own feelings and not realise how you feel or that you need support too.  

Surround yourself with friends

Being around other friends can help cheer you up.Keeping to yourself too much, can make depression and stress more likely to occur. Friends can lend an ear, and give you a chance to vent. 

Make a plan

If you’re involved at activities in school and/or sports, you may want your parents to come to these special events. Your parents may feel awkward about both of them attending. Talk to them about how important it is to you for them both to attend.Also, you may worry about the financial future. Separations are expensive.This may mean less money towards school, clothes, sports equipment, or trips.Don’t be afraid to ask about these things. 

Find out what works for you

Make sure you have an outlet to express your feelings. Whether it be hanging out with friends, talking to a counsellor, writing in a journal, or playing music. Find something!

If you would like professional support with anything you are going through turn2me provides free, confidential online supports for young people and adults in the Republic of Ireland.

  • Peer support – A free and safe space where you can find and give support by connecting with other people who have been through similar experiences.
  • Group support -Facilitated by a mental health professional, support groups are a safe space to connect with others and share solutions and coping strategies on a variety of mental health topics.
  • Counselling – Support for whatever you are going through, this is a safe space to talk with a professional counsellor to help you understand your feelings and work together to develop the tools you need to get through tough times.