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Single and happy

Romantic Relationships

There are loads of good reasons why you might not want a relationship with someone right now.

The grass is always greener and all that, so enjoy it while you can.

Advantages of single life

Independence –  Being single teaches you things about yourself and can help you become a strong, independent person. Not having another person to rely on all the time helps you learn to rely on yourself.

Your own decisions – Your decisions only affect you and don’t involve a partner’s wants or needs. You don’t have to consider someone else when making life choices, like deciding to go travelling or to move away for college.

Build your career – You can concentrate on doing well in exams or building up your career without having to divide your time with another person.

Sometimes you can feel like you’re surrounded by happy couples. This can be tough, especially on a Friday night when it seems like everyone’s paired off.

But, being single and happy is actually pretty great.  Enjoy your flirtations  You can enjoy flirting and going out with new people without having to commit to a relationship.

Looking for new romance

If you’re tired of being single and eager to be in a relationship, try not to get too impatient about it. Often the right person will come along when you least expect it…

Some tips on how to meet new people

Be confident – The less focused you are on looking for romance, the more secure and attractive you’ll seem to other people.  Join a sports team, or take an evening class.  Spending time with people who have similar interests can lead to romance down the line.

Go on plenty of dates – They may not lead to anything, but dates are a great way of practising your flirting skills and meeting new people.

Join an online dating agency – Gone are the days when meeting people online was considered weird. As long as you’re careful with your personal safety, the Internet can be a great way of getting to know people with similar interests.