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World Suicide Prevention Day 2020

Posted on 2020-09-09

World Suicide Prevention Day 2020
World Suicide Prevention day is an annual event each September to raise awareness around suicide and our ability to prevent it. 

According to the World Health Organisation, nearly 800,000 people die every year from suicide. It’s a global problem which can be prevented.

We need to learn to work together, be there for each other and listen to one another. It’s about taking a minute to notice the people around you and check in with them. 

These thoughts and feelings are overwhelming and scary but there is support out there and we need to make sure everyone knows that.

Here are some ways you can participate:

Talk About it 

The stigma surrounding suicide is no small thing. It remains to be one of the biggest roadblocks to people getting the support they need. 

Stigma is worsened when we avoid it as a topic altogether. Talking about suicide with family or friends is necessary for people who are struggling with suicidal thoughts to no longer feel they will be discriminated against or ignored. 

If you know someone that is struggling or that you suspect may be suicidal, then talk to them about it openly. This type of conversation can be difficult to start but try saying “I’m worried about you”.



Listening is part of talking but sometimes we aren’t so good at this part of communication. 

When dealing with difficult topics like suicide we can be very anxious about what we should say or do. We can get caught up about thinking how to reply to this person that we aren’t actually hearing them. 

Take a breath and just listen. Sometimes this is all you need to do. People who are in pain and having suicidal thoughts, often want to feel heard. Sometimes the best response is repeating something they said for example “So this started around 6 months ago, you said?” “It sounds like you’ve been feeling really down”. 

It’s about them not you, right now. They should be doing most of the talking, remember that. Read our tips on listening and being open minded for more. 

Educate yourself

Mental health problems and suicide are complex topics. It might be helpful to learn about these topics from reliable sources, so that you can better understand what someone you know is going through. 

You may also like to learn about what things are helpful to say to someone who is struggling with suicidal thoughts or stories of people who attempted suicide or had suicidal thoughts and have gotten through them. 

Remember: You don’t have to know everything or have all the answers. 

Research supports 

There are many organisations that are providing support to those who are struggling with their mental health and thoughts of suicide. 

You may want to check out what supports are in your area so that if a friend or family member is ever having difficulties with their mental health, you can give them good information. You never know if some day you may need to know it for yourself.

Getting support for suicidal thoughts and feelings 

Experiencing thoughts of suicide is really scary and can feel incredibly lonely.

If you are dealing with thoughts like this then you might want to join our suicidal thoughts and feelings instant chat group online Tuesday at 7 PM. It is free, confidential and anonymous. 

Remember there are supports out there and you deserve the help they can give. Our crisis supports section lists contact details for people who can help you right now. 

Post About it - #WSPD20

Spread the word online, let people know that its World Suicide Prevention day. 

Share helpful articles or messages. It’s all about getting everyone involved, so use the hashtag - #WSPD20 

Let’s work together! 

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