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Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings Group (Adults)

Posted on 2020-08-08 12:14:38

Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings Group (Adults)
Experiencing suicidal thoughts and feelings can be scary but most of us experience them at some stage in our lives. 

Although they can feel overwhelming and distressing, these thoughts and feelings are just thoughts and feelings. We don’t have to act on them and there are strategies we can use to help us deal with them.

The important thing to remember is we don’t have to deal with it all on our own!

Join your peers from across the country, for free confidential and anonymous support, from the comfort of your home! This Group takes place every Tuesday at 7pm (Irish time).

What is the Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings Group?

The Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings Group is a safe space to explore these feelings and share positive ways to help us to ease the hurt that we are feeling and to support others in a similar situation

Turn2me Groups take place online via instant messaging and are...

  • Free to everyone in the Republic of Ireland
  • Facilitated by mental health professionals 
  • Safety and solution focused
  • Confidential and anonymous

Is group support for me?

Groups are free but limited to one group a week per person. This is to give people time to reflect and put tips and suggestions from the previous week into action.

How do I join a group? There are five easy steps...

1. It is a good idea to read the Community Guidelines before you get started. These help keep the group positive and safe for everyone
2. Click on Groups for Adults (18+) and create your free, anonymous log-in
3. Verify your email address 
4. View the Group schedule and select the group that you would like to attend. You will receive a reminder via email before your session begin
5. Make sure you are online and logged into your turn2me account 10 mins before your group is scheduled to begin
6. Enjoy!  

Check out turn2me's other groups for Adults, Young People, Parents and Couples. 

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