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Join the Turn2me Parents Advisory Panel

Posted on 2020-05-18

Join the Turn2me Parents Advisory Panel
Turn2me.org is expanding its online professional mental health services to young people and families and we need your help and advice to ensure this new service is relevant and accessible to everyone across Ireland.

About Turn2me

Turn2me is an Irish charity established in 2009 that provides free professional mental health support online. Through our website Turn2me.org we provide:
  • Information to help people understand what they are going through, that they are not alone and how to get through tough times
  • Peer support a safe space where people can share their problems and support others
  • Online support groups facilitated by a professional accredited counsellor where people can chat to others with similar experiences and share strategies for getting through tough times
  • Counselling online via instant messaging, email or video with a professional accredited counsellor 
In 2020 Turn2me will be extending these services to young people and families but we need your help to make sure the service provides relevant, reliable, quality mental health services for everyone in Ireland.
What is the Parents Advisory Panel?
The Turn2me Parents Advisory Panel is a diverse group of Parents and Guardians passionate about shaping the future of mental health services in Ireland. Becoming part of the Parents Advisory Panel will mean you will get to take part in shaping and delivering this exciting new service by:
  • Discussing and advising on issues related to mental health, parents/guardians and young people
  • Workshopping ideas around website functionality, psychoeducation and service delivery
  • Feeding back on Turn2me services, what is working well and what can be improved
  • Promoting Turn2me and its services

What does it involve?
The Parents Advisory Panel will meet for four half day workshops*:
Saturday 18 April
Saturday 20 June
Saturday 12 September
Saturday 7 November
Workshops will take place from 10.00 - 2.00 in a Dublin City Center location. Lunch will be provided. 
(* these are the proposed dates for the workshops but if social distancing recommendations are still in space we will come up with some more creative ways of getting your input to help shape this new service)

Do I need any special skills or knowledge?
No! Anyone who is a parent or guardian of a young person aged 12 to 18 can apply as long as you meet the following simple criteria:
  • You are passionate about mental health and making a positive difference!
  • You enjoy working collaboratively as part of a team environment
  • You will be committed to attending the workshops in order to voice your opinions on the different topics
  • You are respectful, inclusive and open minded. 
How do I apply?
Get in touch with our Community Engagement Manager Roisin at getinvolved@turn2me.org for a short application form or to set up a time to chat about the role. 

Thought Catcher

Apologies for the inconvience: Turn2Me's services are currently only available in the Republic of Ireland and United Kingdom. We look forward to make the service available in your country/region soon.


Apologies for the inconvience...

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