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A powerful short film about Traveller mental health

Posted on 2021-01-26

A powerful short film about Traveller mental health
“It Doesn’t Matter” is a short film created by Travellers from Ballyfermot, Coolock, Finglas and Co Clare in collaboration with Super Paua, Comer Productions, turn2me, Exchange House Ireland, HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention and Your Mental Health.

“It Doesn’t Matter” was created to reduce the stigma and raise awareness of suicide in the Traveller Community and promote mental health services equipped to help.

Please watch, like, comment and share with your family, friends and networks to help raise awareness and help spread this important message.

The film screened as part of the First Fortnight Festival accompanied by a performance of the poem “Gloke” created by a group of Traveller men, Pavee Point and Geoff Finan (AKA Poet Geoff). The poem delves into racism, discrimination, identity and their impacts on the mental health of Travellers today.

These two powerful performances were followed by a insightful panel discussion of Traveller men involved in both projects.

You can watch the full performances and discussion here:

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