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Personal story: Self care as a mum

Confidence and Self-Image Parents

Turn2me community member Elizabeth shares her experience of lowered self-esteem after having her children, and how practicing self-care and talking has helped. 

As a mother of two children, it can be challenging for me physically, mentally, and emotionally to take care of my children as well as to take care of myself. 

Low self-esteem 

Before I had my children, my self-confidence was in great shape, I had a good social life and a lot of friends. But after my children, my self -esteem dipped, I was stressed about my weight and I felt depressed. 

I later found out that it is normal to have a low self-esteem after a big change in your life. 

Self-care for mums

My children changed my life in a positive way because they made me a proud mother and I have no regrets having them in my life. 

However, I had to learn to practice self-care for my own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Sometimes just going for a walk alone or sometimes with the children and hubby, watching my favourite programmes on tv, listening to music or communicating with love ones can make me feel happier. 

Talking it out

Personally, talking to someone does help and it helped me relive stress knowing that there is someone out there who can listen and understand my worries. 

If you would like professional support with anything you are going through turn2me provides free, confidential online supports for young people and adults in the Republic of Ireland.

  • Peer support – A free and safe space where you can find and give support by connecting with other people who have been through similar experiences.
  • Group support -Facilitated by a mental health professional, support groups are a safe space to connect with others and share solutions and coping strategies on a variety of mental health topics.
  • Counselling – Support for whatever you are going through, this is a safe space to talk with a professional counsellor to help you understand your feelings and work together to develop the tools you need to get through tough times.