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Want to be a founding funder in Ireland's first 13 years and over online mental health service? 


Turn2Me is an innovative mental health tech service. We change lives, save lives and support hundreds of vulnerable people every week through online mental health service delivery. 

Turn2me.org was founded in 2009 by Oisin and Diarmuid Scollard, following the loss of their brother Cormac to suicide in 2003. They had a vision to create an online space for people to share, discuss and offload personal problems, find support and get relevant information.

  • We use technology to connect people, promote mental wellbeing, provide professional services and help prevent suicide.

  • We’re open to people over 18 - we want to reach over 13 now.
  • We are non-religious and non-political.
  • Our service is non-judgemental, confidential and anonymous*

We offer 3 key services, based on a 3 tier support model: 

More info >> here

What is the Turn2me Tech Fund? 

The turn2me tech fund will be to finance the development of our tech and platform. Turn2me is a health tech Service and Company but as an NGO we do not generate platform fees, license fees or revenue, we depend on donations to finance our tech design and development. We are now embarking on launching our services to 13+ and we need  over €100,000 to make this happen. We are calling on all companies, tech and non tech to help us help others.

What we need

Money, Cash, Moola! We need  to invest in our tech, our platform which is proprietary, we own it, we have designed it and we need to maintain it, invest in it and develop it. 

Please commit 2k, 5k, 10k, 20k, 50k

We also need expertise, in kind donations. Tech people, UX, database, digital marketing experts ++. If you are in tech we need YOU. 

Want to  get involved? 

Mental Healthcare is in crisis in Ireland. We are helping to solve this problem, you can too. 

There are over 500 suicides per year, there are 28,000 instances of self-harm. Mental health is critical to individual well-being, as well as for social and economic participation. Yet, according to recent estimates, more than one in six people across EU countries had a mental health issue in 2016, equivalent to about 84 million people. Moreover, in 2015 the deaths of more than 84,000 people in EU countries were attributed to mental illness or suicide.

Ireland has the highest suicide rate among 15 to 19 year old in EU/OECD countries.

The tech fund will allow us to launch Ireland’s first 13+ professional online counselling service for vulnerable children and adolescents. 

For more info or to get involved please email: oisin@turn2me.org or jennifer@turn2me.org.

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