Online Support Group Policy

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Online Support Group Policy


Turn2me Online Support Groups (OSGs) are Facilitator led and topic specific. OSGs are open spaces for members to explore coping strategies, find support and support each other, all under the guidance of a Mental Health Professional. Members participating in OSGs do so anonymously and can expect that all members present feel respected, safe and heard.

OSG’s are free to join for all members of the Turn2me community. Turn2me is committed to providing a safe environment in which members can explore coping strategies together which may help members in managing their mental health. OSG’s are NOT group therapy sessions – they are group discussions in which the focus is on what we CAN do to help and support all members.


Participation in Online Support Groups

All members wishing to participate in the OSG’s must adhere to the Online Support Group Rules which clearly set out the importance of mutual respect and consideration for all attendees and the Facilitator. The aim of the OSG’s is to explore coping strategies as a group and to share experiences of what has helped you in the past which may also help other members too.

Online Information and Privacy Policy

OSG’s are conducted through a secure live chat forum within the Turn2me website and all groups are closed groups limited in number of attendees. Content posted to the website within the Online Support Groups will remain the property of Turn2me and will only be deleted if such content violates any of the Turn2me Terms of use and rules and Online Support Group Rules

It is important. if you are not the only user of your computer, that you use a computer and internet system that is password protected. Turn2me is not responsible for any information on your computer system that is left open to viewing by other people or is not password protected.

Please also review our Privacy Statement here



All our OSG Facilitators are registered with their disciplines accrediting body and are bound by their Code of ethics. A copy of this code is available upon request.



If a Facilitator has reason to believe that there is a risk of harm to yourself or others, we have an ethical obligation to report any concerns to the authorities such as the emergency services. In this situation, the facilitator will contact the emergency services and will report the content posted, the username and the IP address of the member to the emergency services.


Data we capture and store in the Online Support Groups

All content posted within the Online Support Groups are kept and stored for one calendar month for the purposes of training and improving our services.

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