Getting Started

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This quick guide will show you how to get started with using Turn2me and the various different services we offer.


If you haven't already, create a free account with Turn2me or login to your account

Your Dashboard

Once you login, you will be brought to your dashboard. Your dashboard will show you all your activity on Turn2me. This includes any group support sessions you've registered for or any 1-1 Online Counselling Sessions as well as a feed of thoughts and blog posts from Turn2me.

Posting A Thought

The idea behind Thought Catcher is to act as a mood diary. Post your thoughts each day to help you track your moods. Thought Catcher is a community where you can view other peoples thoughts (if they've made them public), give them support and receive support from others in the community.

Public Thoughts and Private Thoughts

When posting a thought you will have the ability to choose if you would like the thought to be public or private. If you mark it as private, it will only be visible by you and only you. If you choose to make it public, then other members of Turn2me will be able to see it and in turn comment and give you support.

Browsing Thought Catcher

You have 4 options when using Thought Catcher

My Feed

This shows all of your own personal thoughts, thoughts from people you are following, blog posts from Turn2me and also lists any of your upcoming group support sessions that you have registered for.

My Thoughts

This shows a feed of only you thoughts

Followed Thoughts

This shows all the thoughts from the people you follow

All Thoughts

This shows all the thoughts from the community on Turn2me. This is a great way to interact with the community, support others and interact with people

Your Mood Graph

Your mood graph is used the chart the thoughts that you've entered onto Thought Catcher over a period of time. This allows you to see how your mood changes and let's you view the thoughts that had you in a good mood in the past.

Group Support

The group support service provided by Turn2me allows you to take part in a private group chat session which is facilitated by one of our counsellors. All our group support sessions are completely free. This allows you to speak anonymously with others about any worries and issues you may have. Our counsellors are there to help you with this an ensure everyone in the group gets to have their say.

Our group support sessions run Monday - Friday and each group support session is focused towards a specific topic. You can view the timetable of sessions on our group support calendar.

How Do I Join A Support Group?

Each support group has a limited number of spaces available, so they must be booked in advance. You can book into a free group support session by logging into the site and viewing the group support timetable. Select and event and choose the register button which appears (if there is still space in the group). You will then get an email confirmation once you have been approved for the group. You will get another email notification to remind you about the group closer to the time.

How Do I Join A Group Support I've Registered For?

At the scheduled time for the group support, simply log onto Turn2me. Once the counsellor has activated the chat at the designated time, you will recieve a notification alerting you the chat has started. Click this notification or reload the page for the chat window to appear. It will look like the chat window below

What Is Private 1-1 Counselling?

We offer private 1-1 counselling to our users as a free and paid service. We can offer free counselling to our members in Ireland as this is subsidised by the HSE. Private 1-1 counselling takes place via a live text chat (similar to group support) but it is between you and the counsellor only. All your details are completley confidential and sessions last around 50mins - 1 hour. We can also provide counselling via email as well if you prefer.

In order to qualify for free counselling, you must commit to an 8 week course of sessions. This is to ensure you can recieve the maximum benefit from the sessions.

Since Turn2me is funded by our donors, we ask that any of our users who can afford to pay for counselling do so. Our counselling sessions are very competitive at just €50/£42 per session.

Client Consent Form

At your first session an assessment will be carried out, you will be asked to complete a Client Information and Consent form and your sessions will be arranged.

Unlike the other services offered by Turn2Me, entering into online counselling necessitates the provision of Client Information and Consent, which is in keeping with face-to-face counselling. All information provided, along with Session chat transcripts, remains confidential and is stored securely in keeping with Counsellors’ Professional Codes of Ethics, Data Protection Policy and our Online Counselling Policy.
Please note that all information provided is held in strictest confidence and will not be shared with anyone outside of Turn2Me, unless in circumstances where risk to self/others/a minor is indicated.

How Do I Sign Up For 1-1 Counselling?

You can sign up for 1-1 counselling by completing the online counselling application form. Once you have completed this form, your application will be reviewed by one our counsellors who will then contact you to proceed with your sessions.

How Do I Use The Live Chat For 1-1 Counselling?

If you have chosen the live chat option for your 1-1 counselling, it will be carried out on Turn2me's secure and private chat system. The chat window (as seen below) will appear on site at the time you pre-agree with your counsellor. Simply login to Turn2me at this time, and once the counsellor has activated the chat session, the window will appear.

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