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If you are resident in Ireland, your sessions may be at no cost. The HSE provides some funding for free sessions to people resident in Ireland. 

If you are resident outside of the Republic of Ireland, a donation will be asked for 1:1 counselling sessions.

Turn2me is a n Irish based charity and all money it receives goes directly to the provision of our counselling services.  It is, for this reason, it must ask for donations for people outside of the country of the Republic of Ireland.

Free For Everyone - Site Registration

Free For Everyone - Thought Catcher

Free For Everyone - Online Support Groups

For people outside of the Republic of Ireland - 1-1 Online Counselling sessions 

€50/£42 per session

€35/£30 per session (unwaged/student)

Cancellations: 24-hour notice must be given if cancelling a booked session. In such instances, the donation paid will be applied to the next session. If less than 24 hours notice is given, the donation is not refundable nor can it be applied to the following session.

Please email for additional information 

 As we are a charity, you may wish to donate to us. We appreciate your support too. Thank you

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