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About Turn2me

Turn2me.org is an Online Mental Health Organisation offering professional and peer to peer mental health services and support.

It was founded in 2009 stemming from the very personal experiences of brothers Oisin and Diarmuid Scollard, who lost their brother to suicide in 2003. They had a vision to create a web space for people to share, discuss and offload personal problems, find support and get useful information. Turn2me is a registered charity in the Republic of Ireland with the charity number: CHY 18803. You can read more about Turn2me on our About page.

Our Vision

Everyone, everywhere should have access to affordable professional mental health services. We want to create a world where mental health issues are acknowledged and accepted and where every person in distress will feel confident to openly access the support services they need, safe in the knowledge that attitudes have changed based on a communal understanding and willingness to support each other.

Our Support Model

Turn2me facilitates anonymised peer support and provides online professional therapeutic treatment programs that work.  Our platform helps us to identify individuals who show signs of requiring help and allows us to intervene early. The concept is to get them under the spotlight, get them linked with service and get them talking to a professional early to help prevent the onset of more serious mental health illnesses.

Turn2Me provides a 3 tiered approach to supporting mental wellbeing:

Turn2me Professional Services - Employee Assistance Programme

An employee assistance programme (EAP) is a programme designed to

  • assist employers in addressing productivity issues

  • identify and resolve employees’ personal concerns, including health, marital, family, financial, alcohol, drug, legal, emotional, stress, or other personal issues that may affect job performance.

EAP Services:

Turn2me can provide mental health support confidentially to employees. Direct line access is essential allowing employees to make contact with Turn2me as EAP provider directly, ensuring confidentiality. This can be accommodated by provision of a dedicated Company Code to employees. External online services can include one to one  online counselling and online support groups,  delivered by mental health professionals, based remotely.

Turn2me can provide the following services as part of the EAP:

  • Online Counselling - Turn2me has experienced, compassionate therapists who are skilled at helping to resolve personal and/or work related issues in a confidential and caring online environment. As sessions are delivered online there is no need for clients to travel to appointments. Access to a laptop, tablet or mobile in a private area is all that is required.

  • Supervision -  All professional therapists in the field of psychotherapy and counselling are bound by their governing body’s Code of Ethics and are required to monitor their work through regular supervision as an integral part of their practice. Regular supervision also serves to ensure that the standard of counselling continues to evolve and develop and that therapists remain competent.

  • Online Support Groups - including a Work related stress online support group - to help employees in dealing with the stresses they encounter every day in both their professional and personal lives.  To help individuals understand stress, how it can happen, and what can be done to prevent it.

  • A customised Mood Skills CBT Online Programme to help with Depression

  • Information Days - Mental Health Awareness & available services for employees.

The Benefits and Advantages of Turn2me Professional Services

Professional Services with Turn2me is

For Employees

  1. Highly accessible once internet access is available, from home or a private area within  work,  etc.
  2. Works on all mobile devices, smartphones including iPhones and Android phones
  3. Offered by fully trained and accredited professional Counsellors/Psychotherapists/Psychologists
  4. A good place to start for people seeking face-to-face counselling
  5. Services can be accessed securely from home as well as an office environment
  6.  Secure and confidentiality is maintained throughout (within the Terms & Conditions)

For Employers

  1. More affordable and accessible than face-to-face options

  2. Convenient as a service offering to employees

  3. Can quickly diagnose employee relations issues decreasing absenteeism

  4. Convenient for employees who may have a physical impairment that restricts their mobility

  5. Allows employees to access services without fear of perceived stigma

  6. Full professional indemnity insured

Our Online Counselling Survey Results

Satisfaction Rates: 65% of service users found our service VERY HELPFUL

14% of service users found our service HELPFUL

14% of service users found our service MODERATELY HELPFUL

7% of service users found our service SLIGHTLY HELPFUL

How is Online Counselling/Psychotherapy done?

We offer three ways to communicate with an Online Counsellor.

1. Secure Online Chat

A link is provide to clients to insert in their browser to access the Chat room at the time of scheduled sessions. A chat room is a web page with a window that shows the conversation between client and Counsellor.

2. Video

Video Sessions are the closest to face-to-face counselling that we offer.  Sessions take place in real-time via video link.

Like face-to-face counselling, chat and video sessions are 50 minutes in length. Online sessions take place on a weekly, recurring basis.

3. Therapeutic E-Mail

This form of online counselling is conducted by secure email. Therapeutic email exchanges take place between client and Counsellor. Either once weekly a substantial email exchange can be made or 3 smaller email exchanges per week.

Turn2me Professional Services Packages:

  • packages on offer
  • on demand and pay as you go, affordable and transparent
  • €70 per session. We recommend 6 sessions per employee availing of the one to one counselling service.
  • No retainer until such time as regular counselling and ongoing counselling for staff members is occurring.
  • anonymous but accountable monthly billing
  • workshops  - these can be priced on demand


Turn2me was awarded ‘Best use of Technology for Social Good’ in the 2015 Irish Internet Association Dot Ie Awards

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email address: info@turn2me.org

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