Eating Disorders Policy

Posted on 2020-05-18

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Please refrain from describing specific weights, sizes, or eating behaviours on


The reason for this is that it has been shown that specific descriptions of eating behaviours can influence others. We commonly refer to this as 'triggering' and much evidence exists suggesting this occurs very much among people suffering with eating disorders.


We believe that eating disorders are about attempts to manage emotions and/or instill a sense of control in one's life, i.e. that the attempt to control eating behaviour is, ultimately, an attempt to deal with the emotional relationship we have with eating, purging, over-eating, or not eating.


Please feel free to use OSGs and Thought Catcher to discuss emotional content surrounding eating and eating disorder. All we ask is that you do not describe how much/little you've eaten, purging behaviours, meal plans or food/exercise suggestions to one another.


When a member posts material about eating/weight loss issues, these posts will be edited/deleted accordingly:

1. Any comparative references to dress sizes, weight (loss or gain - where actual weights/measurements are mentioned).

2. Restricted eating, especially where actual amounts of food - or abstaining from it - is detailed.

3. Any explicit reference to binge or purging behaviour - only vague references such as "it happened again" may not be edited.

4. Any mention of exercise or gym use which seems excessive and/or directly related to the concerns which that person has about their weight.

5. Any other information the discussion of which seems to relate to plans, methods, or specific details of eating disordered behaviour.


Instead of saying "I lost/gained more/less weight, ate/didn't, etc", please just say, e.g. that you have been 'having trouble' or report 'improvement'. Again, we believe it is the underlying emotional impact that the behaviours have, not the specific behaviours, that are useful to discuss.


If you feel you absolutely must discuss a specific behaviour we ask that you instead contact an appropriate service provider such as the Eating Disorder Resource Centre of Ireland who's contact information can be found at or




We understand that people who support each other on Turn2me may wish to communicate in more detail in private. In this regard, we realise that some websites offer a private message/'PM' function. However, in line with Turn2me's commitment to safety and transparency of its members' use of the public forums, we do not provide this function. We are aware that (a) a number of people who use our site are at a potentially vulnerable point in their lives. We also know that (b) not everybody out of the many millions who use the internet are there with helpful intentions.


It is for this reason that we must insist that members of Turn2me DO NOT POST IDENTIFYING DETAILS regarding themselves and/or in any other way try to PRIVATELY CONTACT OR ARRANGE TO MEET another member through the Turn2me site. We realise that this is not in keeping with the some other mental health support websites. Members are clearly free to use the PM and other functions for meeting provided at other sites. But we must enforce our rule in this regard due to the level of responsibility we take for how OUR SITE is used.




In relation to both the safety and privacy features as outlined above, any member who acts in a way not in keeping with these rules will be informed of such with this message. 'We realise that such actions may have genuinely been based on a simple lack of familiarity with our rules. In this case, please just read the material provided and try your best to observe these rules.'


If a person again breaks the rules having been advised of them, a temporary ban will be put in place. The member will be advised of the duration of such on a case-by-case basis.


If a member repeatedly/flagrantly breaks the rules, he/she may be permanently banned from use of all Turn2me services. We try to do this as an absolute last resort but it is an option we will choose if necessary.


Our policies are in place to ensure that our site is both safe and beneficial for all our members. Thank you for reading our policies.

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