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Turn2me.org was founded in 2009 stemming from the very personal experiences of brothers Oisin and Diarmuid Scollard, who lost their brother to suicide in 2003. They had the vision to create a web space for people to share, discuss and offload personal problems, find support and get useful information.

  • We use technology to connect people, promote mental wellbeing and help prevent suicide.
  • Turn2me is open to people over 18.
  • We are non-religious, non-political.
  • Our service is non-judgemental, confidential and anonymous*

This is a website that helps people GET HELP, lets people know that they are not alone and facilitates a safe online community space that allows people to open up and reach out for help.

Our Online Support Groups are facilitated by mental health professionals and Online Counselling is provided by professional Counsellors/Psychologists.

Turn2Me is a charitable organisation ( CHY 18803 ) and complies with The Governance Code for the Community, Voluntary and Charitable Sector in Ireland.

3 Tiered Approach

Turn2Me provides a 3 tiered approach to mental wellbeing:

This community is dedicated to the memory of Cormac Scollard 1969-2003, a son, a brother, a friend, an artist and a sound engineer. May his legacy always live on through this community.

Our Board

Diarmuid Scollard - MD Designminds - Turn2me Co-founder

Oisin Scollard - Facebook - Turn2me Co-founder, Chief Technical Officer and Board Secretary

Cormac Farrelly - MD Agriland - Turn2me Board Member

Gordon Stewart - TrustVet - Turn2me Board Chairman

Dr John Dinsmore -  Dept of Psychology TCD -  Turn2me Advisor 

Stephen O'Brien - Google - Turn2me Finance Director

Colette Talbot - Bank of Ireland - Turn2me Board Member

Our Management Team

Jennifer Griffin - General Manager

Brian Holohan - Clinical Manager

Roisin Doolan - Community Engagement Manager

Our Vision

We want to create a world where mental health issues are acknowledged and are accepted and where every person in distress will feel confident to openly access the support services they need, safe in the knowledge that attitudes have changed,  based on a communal understanding and willingness to support each other.

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