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How to make an exercise plan

Exercise and Eating Well

It sounds boring but you’ll see better results if you make a plan of actionHere’s a simple outline of a program you can follow:

Step 1 – Start with moderate levels of exercise for four to six weeks. Always warm up at the beginning and cool down at the end and include some aerobic activity and toning exercises. If your heart rate increases and you need to breathe deeper, you’ll know you’ve worked out properly. 

Step 2 – Increase your levels of activity slightly every couple of weeks. Your body is getting used to the exercise, so you’ll need to push it slightly harder to keep getting results. Increase the length of your exercise sessions or the intensity of them. But don’t push it too hard either!

Step 3 – After about six months of consistent exercising, the average person will have reached a level of fitness they’re happy with. By now, you’ll hopefully be used to doing a regular amount of exercise every day, and the challenge will be keeping it up for the long-term future.

Keep it up!

There can be an initial buzz about finding an exercise routine that works for you. You should feel good about yourself and have more energy.But this doesn’t mean you can relax, throw caution to the wind and return to your couch-potato ways. Staying fit means changing your long-term lifestyle for the better, not just joining a ten-week exercise class.You’ve built a good habit for yourself so keep it going!Try keeping track of your progress in a notebook, phone or app. Looking at written evidence of all you’ve achieved can help keep you motivated.Remember to find your balance as exercising too much can be a problem too.  It’s time to find your exercise sweet spot!

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