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Community Guidelines

Welcome to Turn2me! 

Before you get started it’s important you familiarise yourself with the Community Guidelines to ensure everyone in the community can feel safe, respected and supported! 

Be mindful of your language 

It’s important that this community is a space where everyone feels safe and respected.Although it is important that everyone feels they can express themselves please be mindful that bad language could make some community members feel uncomfortable. 

Your Anonymity is important to us

Please don’t share identifying information about yourself or anyone else. This includes name, address, contact information, etc..


Turn2me endeavours to maintain confidentiality in relation to mental health services. However, as with all mental health services, limitations to confidentiality apply. If we are concerned that you or another person are an immediate and serious danger to yourself or others we have a duty of care to report these concerns to the appropriate authority. This may include contacting emergency services and providing them with whatever information we have about you, including your IP address.

Respect others’ right to privacy

Do not ask other community members specific questions about potentially sensitive information, e.g. gender, culture, sexuality, background, etc. 

Be empathetic and non-judgemental 

Show empathy towards others when appropriate and do not not pass judgement on those who are here for support.

Diversity and inclusion 

This website is a safe space for all and this must be respected by community members. We are inclusive of everyone and welcome a diverse range of people to our website. Do not be biased or make assumptions about anyone else using our support services.

Use clear and open communication 

If you do not understand what someone means in their post – just ask. Be open to engaging with others and asking open ended questions. Communicate with others using clear and easy to understand language.

Triggering language  

Peer to peer support can be so meaningful because we can share with and support others who have been through similar experiences. Because of this it is important to remember that others in the community may be in a vulnerable place. It’s important that as a community we avoid using language that could cause distress to others such as specific suicide and self-harm methods and behaviours related to eating disorders. Of course it’s important that we don’t shy away from these topics but just use more general language to avoid causing harm to our community.

Medical advice

When something has worked well for us or hasn’t worked, it’s only natural to want to share this information to help others. However, we ask that you avoid – naming specific medications, giving medical advice to others, and asking others for medical advice. Everyone’s journey is different and different things work for different people. We are not medical doctors and specific medications and interventions are best left discussed with your doctor

Solution focused  

While part of the power of peer to peer support comes from shared experience and the acknowledgement of the reality of going through a tough time, it is important to also discuss strategies and solutions to getting through these tough times. 

Harmful to others  

We need to make this space safe for everyone. Therefore, we need to be mindful of content that is defamatory towards others, whether it be racist, homophobic or discriminatory in any way. Please refrain from using any language that may cause harm to another community member and / or turn2me staff. This also includes suggesting the use of force or violence (verbal / emotional / physical) against someone or threatening another person’s privacy.

Illegal behaviours 

Please don’t  encourage, approve or recommend that someone do something that is illegal or dangerous.  The peer to peer community is there to help and support each other and promoting illegal in any form is unsupportive and harmful.

Flooding the site 

Although we welcome posts on a variety of topics we do not allow members to flood the site with posts over and over again. Certain types of posts may also be deemed as spam and have to be removed, such as consistently and excessively campaigning for one political party, union or another organisation (including the posting of full media releases), or posts advertising material or endorsing a product / service.  We also ask that you do not create more than one account for the purpose of using our services.

If we are concerned that you may be at immediate risk of harming yourself or someone else it is our policy to contact someone who can help you right now. We will always reach out to you to let you know if we are concerned about your ability to keep safe.